Intel intros Atom low-power microprocessors, aimed at ultra-mobile devices


Intel has chosen the name “Atom” for its new line of low-power microprocessors, specifically designed for use in mobile devices, UMPCs and some desktop PCs.

Intel wants to cash in on the increasing popularity of mobile devices, with the idea of a $250 Internet-connected pocket device that they’ve called the “netbook”.

The Atom processor is less than 25 square millimetres, based on 45 nanometre technology. They were previously code-named Silverthorne and Diamondville.

Vodafone launches smallest HSUPA USB stick for high-speed mobile Internet

vodafone_e172_usb_stick_mobile_internet_broadband.jpgVodafone UK has announced a deal with Huawei which sees its smallest HSUPA USB stick launched, giving customers high-speed mobile Internet access on their mobile PC, handheld device, or desktop PC.

The creatively named E172 gives a download rate of up to 7.2Mbps, which is certainly no slouch, and an upload rate of up to 2Mbps. Yes, I know — “up to” — but we live in hope.

Fully compatible with Windows Vista and XP, and Mac OS X, the device was apparently designed with the elegance of a sleek white piano in mind. Well, it takes all sorts.

iPhone won't run Flash or Java: is it a complete Web experience?

Apple iPhoneApple has already made it clear that the Safari browser built in to the iPhone won’t run the Flash plug-in. Now it’s also been noted that it won’t run Java applications, either.

Because of these two omissions, Mobile Business magazine has weighed in and claimed that the iPhone won’t run the full Web.

They claim that Flash and Java are “near essential” applications – and I’ll own up and say that I’ve said similar about Flash. I’m not a huge fan of Flash, because it does its best to slow down even the most modern PC’s CPU, but I recognise that it has become a standard for a number of web applications.

Java, too, is a pain. The only Java I like is the hot, steaming variety that comes from my coffee percolator each morning. The other Java is – well – hot and steaming might describe it, but it ain’t coffee.

Vodafone launch "Mobile Internet" service

vodafone.pngVodafone UK has announced its new “Vodafone Mobile Internet” service, whereby the Vodafone live! portal will now provide access to mobile-optimised versions of popular web services including Google, MySpace, YouTube, eBay, and Instant Messaging from Microsoft and Yahoo!

It comes together with new tariffs that include a ‘data pack’ allowing users to download up to 120MB of data for £7.50 per month, or a daily charge of £1 for 500K, with no further charge unless the day’s usage exceeds 15MB.