CES 2010: Final Thoughts

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HTC Magic Android phone – SHINY VIDEO REVIEW


Let’s start with the easy part. The HTC Magic is a great phone. Android is bloody ace and I don’t suppose there was much of a chance of the handset makers mucking this one up after doing such a good job of implementing the OS on the G1. What they have done is made the thing a lot prettier at the expense of the hard keyboard.

Slightly sad to lose the traditional finger tapper initially but you get into the touch typing very quick. Cupcake’s a welcome addition to the experience with all the video goodness it brings and the paid for apps but there are still a couple of niggles. I’ll let Zara explain.

The thing is, you can get picky about these issues – and essentially it’s my job to do so – but there’s nothing really wrong with this handset. Don’t rely on it as your main camera but, other than, that I’d give it Dan’s big Tech Digest thumbs up. You can grab it from £30 per month on Voda through the link below. Enjoy, and happy browsing.

HTC Magic on Vodafone

Tech Digest Podcast #5


We are not infected. Actually, I can’t say that for certain. Duncan has a cold and I travelled in on the Tube before we started talking about all the Swine Flu panic on Twitter, the internet maps and the spread of the virus.

Thankfully, Swine Flu cannot be transmitted over podcast and, at the least, we’ve had time to talk about the imminent release of the Palm Pre; Cupcake on the second UK Google Android phone, the HTC Magic; holographic storage and the one billionth iPhone app download.

This week in, er, hard/soft (please help us) it’s all about the cloud-based antivirus program Panda and I try to persuade Duncan to run down to Aldi and buy a Medion laptop. Easier than it sounds actually.

I think we’ve managed to sort out the buzzing problem but the new issue this week is that I’m a lot louder than Duncan. As it goes, I am, but even trying to balance the inputs and some levelling software doesn’t seem to have solved the trouble. Next time. We’re getting there.

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The lowdown on the HTC Magic – pricing, release dates and contract info


We’re eagerly awaiting the Vodafone HTC Magic, which is basically the G2, so that there’ll be a little more choice in the Android chunk of the mobile phone market. The G1’s all well and good, and I like it more the more I use it, but evolution – even if it removes the lovely keyboard – is good too.

The HTC Magic will go onsale in the UK on the 1st May. Before that, you’ll be able to pre-order the handset from the 17th April, though I’m thinking that it’s fairly unlikely there’s going to be queues around the block, so you’ll probably be able to get one on the day itself.

It’ll be only available on an 18 month contract for £30 a month (totalling £540). That’ll get you 600 minutes, though, as well as “unlimited” texts and “unlimited” emails. Those will have some sort of crappy and overly restrictive fair-usage limit, no doubt. I hope Vodafone’s prepared for G2 users to hit that internet limit.

(via UK Gadgeteer)