LaCie launches the LaCinema Rugged HD


We told you last year about LaCie’s LaCinema – a rugged, portable multimedia hard-drive designed to host all of your multimedia content. Well, as the name suggests, this is the HD upgrade to that device.

As well as playing all the formats you’d expect of a multimedia player – it now plays all of the popular HD variations too, such as H.264, MKV, WMV9 and MPEG-4.

It’s got 500GB of storage and offers full HD, 1080p resolution via HDMI. It’s designed to be carried around – it has a unique varnished, scratch-protected aluminium shell and shock-resistant rubber sleeve that make it resistant to a bit of rough and tumble.

It’s £289.99 and it’s available now direct from LaCie.

LaCie DataShare – memory card readers in the 5.5 style


The milk from LaCie’s design cash cow is still full and creamy with the release of the £9.90 DataShare flash memory device by 5.5 designers.


It’s a rather pretty, simple and elegant solution to the card reader problem and neat way to store your SDs and their micro cousins at the same time. They transfer at USB 2.0’s 480Mbps and probably last you somewhere in the region of 10,000 insertions. They’ll be available at the LaCie online store just as soon as they pull their fingers out.

LaCie intros "Internet Space" networked hard drive


I love the concept of accessing my home media files from a mobile device while on the road, but the downside (particularly in these eco-conscious, penny-watching times) is that the computer being accessed has to be powered on.

For those feeling a bit guilty about that, but still wanting to be able to view their hilarious home videos, or the latest Dido album, while out-and-about, here’s a nifty solution from LaCie.

The “Internet Space” is a network hard disk which can be accessed from the Internet even if all the home computers are switched off. Using LaCie’s HipServ technology, users can connect to the drive by visiting and authorising themselves…

LaCie announces 700 Series of LCD monitors for creative pros


LaCie has announced its new line of LCD monitors, the 700 Series, aimed at creative professionals who need accurate on-screen colour reproduction to be confident about what will be printed.

Available in 20, 24, and 30-inch models, the monitors feature RGB LED backlighting, offering purer red, green and blue colour for a larger range of colours — up to 123% of the Adobe RGB spectrum, in fact…