The LaCie Fuel boosts iPad storage capacity (not as flammable as name implies)


LaCie, who are best known for making external hard drives have turned their expertise to a problem that increasingly affects tablet and phone owners who like to carry around a lot of content: running out of space. The LaCie Fuel is portable hard disk that lets you access its terabyte of storage wirelessly – without need for an internet connection.


The way it works is pretty simple – it’s a brick of storage (we’re presuming a solid-state drive), strapped to a battery and a wireless hotspot. It can then either connect to an existing wifi network, or generate it’s own – meaning you can connect to it on the go and access your files through the Seagate Media app. Because it runs off of a battery you’re not tethered to civilisation either – it will work just as well if you’re up a mountain or stuck on a train.

Also built in is a USB 3.0 socket, so you can transfer files for storage quicker than over wifi, and there’s even support for Dropbox too. The Seagate app apparently also supports Apple’s AirPlay standard, meaning that if you’ve got an Apple TV, you can send the video to the big screen to watch on there too.

Apparently the device can cope with up to five different devices (phone, tablet or laptop) accessing files simultaneously – and will support up to 3 different HD movie streams at the same time. Or hey, you could be sociable and all watch something together.

LaCie claim that the 1TB will store up to 500 movies, 160,000 songs or 190,000 photos – though obviously your mileage may vary depending on if you like things in HD and lossless. The Fuel will be on sale “soon” and will cost £169.90 from the LaCie online store and resellers.

James O’Malley
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