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LaCie_Internet_Space.jpgI love the concept of accessing my home media files from a mobile device while on the road, but the downside (particularly in these eco-conscious, penny-watching times) is that the computer being accessed has to be powered on.

For those feeling a bit guilty about that, but still wanting to be able to view their hilarious home videos, or the latest Dido album, while out-and-about, here’s a nifty solution from LaCie.

The “Internet Space” is a network hard disk which can be accessed from the Internet even if all the home computers are switched off. Using LaCie’s HipServ technology, users can connect to the drive by visiting and authorising themselves.

It’s possible to share multimedia with other people simply by having emails sent to them, and the drive can also stream content over the home network to any connected computer or games console.

Available in 500GB and 1TB capacities, it can also be used as a backup server, and comes with an additional USB 2.0 port for adding another USB hard drive.

The unit is designed by Neil Poulton and features a mirror-polished white finish and blue LED strip.

Available this month starting at £129.

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