LaCie announces 700 Series of LCD monitors for creative pros



LaCie has announced its new line of LCD monitors, the 700 Series, aimed at creative professionals who need accurate on-screen colour reproduction to be confident about what will be printed.

Available in 20, 24, and 30-inch models, the monitors feature RGB LED backlighting, offering purer red, green and blue colour for a larger range of colours — up to 123% of the Adobe RGB spectrum, in fact.

The monitors feature backlight stabiliser technology that adjusts settings in real time for the optimum picture, and come bundled with LaCie’s blue eye pro calibration software.

The LaCie 724 and 730 are widescreen 16:10 monitors, while the 720 is a 4:3 monitor. All come with a USB port for adding extra peripherals.

Quality like this doesn’t come cheap, though, with prices starting at £949.

LaCie UK

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  • Can anyone explain how you can get 123% of the Adobe RGB spectrum? Call me old-fashioned but I thought 100% was ALL OF IT?

    • Hi Ecobore,

      You’re correct, of course, but I think what LaCie is getting at here is that the monitor can display considerably more than the Adobe RGB specification, which is one of several popular colour spaces.

      For what it’s worth, here’s the Wikipedia entry on the Adobe RGB colour space and on colour spaces in general, which may begin to shed some light on exactly how it works.

      I’m no expert, and even the experts sometimes struggle with all the different formats. I think, basically, what LaCie is getting at is that the monitor will display a wider range of colours than one of the professional colour standards requires, which then potentially leaves room for greater creative / editing potential.

      I fully expect to be corrected if any experts want to leave a comment below. 🙂

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