WANTED: Photography expert for iPad 2

It was sorely missed on the original iPad design, but the inclusion of at least one, or maybe even two cameras on the iPad 2 seems to grow ever more certain with each snippet of info that slips out of…

Forget the job; securing this interview bags you an iPad

In this near-jobless, economically depressed work climate you'd think people would be jumping at any employment they could find. But that's not the case in the outskirts of Cambridge, aka "Silicon Fen" where so many software development companies are battling…

Facebook on the look out for a games boss

Facebook have just posted a vacancy for a games boss to build new titles and manage the increasing number of ties with casual games publishers working with the social network. With Zynga's Farmville alone commanding a massive 80 million of…

Mobile marketing company want job applications via text


A Welsh mobile marketing company has advertised a job via Twitter for which it wants interested parties to apply via a single text message. That’s just 160 characters.

The job was advertised by Teimlo’s chief executive Phil Terrett like so:

Text JOB + y it should b u to 82088. 160 characters 2 make an impression! Cost 1 std rate txt, UK only. C teimlo.com

If you are comfortable with working for a company that advertises using text speak then you can reply with a standard text that should explain how you are “qualified, sassy, good with words, dynamite at events, Adobe compatible, have working knowledge of mobile and social media and are a determined multi-tasker and networker”

I’d personally go with: I’m qualified, sassy, brilliant at events, Adobe compatible, have working knowledge of mobile and social media and I am a determined multi-tasker and networker.

What I did was basically copy their requirements word for word. I changed “dynamite” for brilliant because I thought dynamite sounded a bit Alan Partridge-esque and I eliminated “good with words” because there wasn’t space. Plus, by changing “dynamite” I had already demonstrated that I was good with words.

Should applicants be successful, they will be invited to an interview where, hopefully, normal language will be used. If it isn’t, well, ROFLMAO.

(via ITPro)

Three new RIM devices leaked

No photos on this one, I’m afraid, but info on three new RIM devices has leaked over at BGR. There’s Onyx, Driftwood and Magnum, which all sound like luxury sofas. Here are the specs:

BlackBerry Onyx

  • GPS
  • Camera
  • Wi-Fi (no UMA support)
  • QWERTY keyboard
  • 480×360 resolution screen

BlackBerry Driftwood

  • GPS
  • Camera
  • Wi-Fi with UMA
  • QWERTY keyboard

BlackBerry Magnum

  • GPS
  • Camera
  • Wi-Fi (no UMA support)
  • QWERTY keyboard
  • 480×360 resolution screen

Not a world of difference between them, is there? Ah well. I should stress that this is an American rumour, so there’s no guarantee that we’ll see all this stuff over here, but then RIM generally doesn’t have a lot of difference between countries, so there’s every chance that Onyx, Magnum and Driftwood will show up on the shores of Blighty.

(via BGR)

Twitter hiring staffer to look after celebrities


Everyone knows that fame gets you everything you could ever want (except love, but who the hell needs that?) but until recently the brightest and most beautiful among us had to deal with Twitter just like anyone else does.

Not for much longer. The microblogging company is hiring a “VIP Concierge” to look after the celebs using the service. Here’s what they’ve put under ‘job description’:

“We don’t have a description written for this yet, but the job is to be a “high touch” point of contact at Twitter for the burgeoning number of celebrities on the service. We want to make sure they’re happy, using the product effectively, etc.”

“This person is probably pretty junior (it won’t pay a lot) but hopefully familiar with working with “Hollywood types.” They should be tech savvy enough to answer questions and solve basic problems (though they can fall back on our tech support). And they should definitely present themselves (and the company) well on the phone and in person. They should be proactive but not pushy. “

“It might make sense for them to be in L.A. but to come up to SF often. Obviously this is a very sweet gig for someone. The challenge will be finding someone who is good at the schmoozing but also humble and a fit with our culture.”

It’s probably a wise move for a company who’ve seen much of their growth thanks to high-profile tweeters like Steven Fry and Philip Schofield. Does it sound like you, or someone you know? Go for it! And tell them we sent you.

Job Ad (via TechCrunch)

Gmail introduces Undo Send to pull back e-mails


I don’t use Gmail but I appreciate I’m one of the unenlightened here. I do have an account – two actually – but it just doesn’t interest me. I watched on a few weeks back when crisis day hit, the service went down and people were brought to their knees; people that is except for me.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think it’s rubbish or anything but I can’t say that new features like the one they’ve released today exactly haul me in either. This morning brings the dawn of the “Undo Send” feature on Gmail. Undo Send. Yes, superb…

Tweet your way to employment with Twitter JobSearch


People always say that a CV or resume should be no longer than two sides of A4 paper long. Well, prepare to cut down your working history to 140 characters, because Twitter job hunting is the next big thing – if you believe a couple of new employment based startups for the service.

iPhone may get handwriting recognition — think your chubby fingers can cope?

Apple iPhoneAccording to a number of reports, the iPhone (three iPhone stories in one day you say?) could soon get handwriting recognition. That’s based on the interpretation of a recent job advertisement which calls for a full-time “Handwriting Recognition Engineer” to work at Apple HQ in Cupertino.

The successful candidate will be responsible for “advancing Apple’s handwriting technology for Mac OS X” — which shouldn’t be difficult given that the current attempt (Inkwell) is pretty shabby. However, it appears that “the recognition technology… may extend beyond Mac OS X to other applications and the iPhone”…

Microsoft's latest rip-off target – Flickr?

microsoft-flickr-job.jpgFlickr with a touch of YouTube, actually.

There’s a rather pretentious “Web 2.0” job on offer at Microsoft at the moment, which is asking for geeks able to “construct a winning strategy for Microsoft in photo and video…