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People always say that a CV or resume should be no longer than two sides of A4 paper long. Well, prepare to cut down your working history to 140 characters, because Twitter job hunting is the next big thing – if you believe a couple of new employment based startups for the service.

The first, Twitter JobSearch, is courtesy of search specialists Workdigital and has just launched at the South by South West Interactive festival. Its creators claim it could be that much-needed revenue stream the service has been searching for, noting that there are currently 25,000 jobs on Twitter with thousands more added every hour. They say that the trouble is the data hasn’t been organised until now.

This may come as some surprise to, a similar sounding website that silently launched a week ahead of Twitter JobSearch, and currently provides employment searches in both English and German.

Whichever one you choose to do your job-hunting, make sure that your social media presence isn’t damaging your chances of employment. They don’t need to know your penchant for drunken karaoke until after you’ve signed that dotted line.

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