WANTED: Photography expert for iPad 2

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It was sorely missed on the original iPad design, but the inclusion of at least one, or maybe even two cameras on the iPad 2 seems to grow ever more certain with each snippet of info that slips out of Apple’s California base of operations.

Today we’re treated to the news that Apple are looking for a new photography expert to work alongside the iOS team, under the title of iOS Photography Software Engineer.

“A dynamic software engineer with the drive and desire to deliver great photography applications for the Mac and iPad platforms,” is required by Apple, with the post based at the company’s One Infinite Loop Cupertino address.

We’ve already seen a few clues as to what to expect from the iOS 4.2 beta, with mentions of Camera, FaceTime and PhotoBooth apps looking all set for inclusion on the forthcoming iPad sequel.

Via: Apple Insider


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