Pics of the iPad 2 screen leak online

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ipad-2-screen-thumb.jpg See that pic to the left? That may well be the first ever glimpse at the screen of the iPad 2.

A millimeter thinner and a tad lighter too, the screen photos come courtesy of the iFixYouriPhone repair shop, whose commenter King described the find as having a LP097x02 SL (N1) display model number, identifying it as a 9.7-inch LG Philips XGA LCD with 1,024 x 768 resolution.

That lines up nicely with previous rumours, and we like the look of the slightly slimmer bezel present in the snap too.

Or of course, it could be a big fat fake, but that’s never stopped the internetz from speculating, has it?

Via: 9-to-5 Mac / Gizmodo

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