iPad 2 spotted in the wild at The Daily launch

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iPad front and back
Yesterday’s high-profile launch of The Daily iPad newspaper wasn’t jsut significant as News Corp’s first forray into paid-for tablet publishing, but also as there was a very special guest in attendance.

No, not the tech-launch gatecrasher Stephen Fry, but rather the much-longed-for iPad 2.

A Reuters reporter claims to have spotted Apple’s new tablet at the event in fully working order, complete with front and rear cameras for video calling. Precious few other details were revealed, suggesting that maybe a little too much complimentary bubbly may have skewed the eye-witness report, but if an iPad 2 was to pop up anywhere, it’d likely be this highly significant launch event.

The Daily, in collaboration with Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp, represents Apple’s first attempt at channeling subscription sales through the iTunes stores, and could have major repercussions for publishers, app developers and consumers alike.

If an iPad 2 is in existence somewhere (which I’d bet my pitiful life savings on), you can bet The Daily team have been made privvy to it.

Via: Reuters

Gerald Lynch
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