Forget the job; securing this interview bags you an iPad

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iPad and the App StoreIn this near-jobless, economically depressed work climate you’d think people would be jumping at any employment they could find. But that’s not the case in the outskirts of Cambridge, aka “Silicon Fen” where so many software development companies are battling out that they are taking extreme measure to secure the best workers for their roles.

Take Autonomy Corp., the UK’s second largest software company. They’re offering a free iPad to any job applicant who just manages to secure an interview. You don’t even have to be offered the job. Wow.

Multi-millionaire co-founder Mike Lynch explained the reasoning behind the pricey lure: “You want to make sure that you get the very best through the door. What you do is dangle an iPad… and they come and see you. Someone else is offering an iPhone.

“By the time you’ve done a decent interview round in Cambridge you’re kitted out.”

It’s not completely an act of cash-flashing bravado though. The firms in the area are anticipating a far more lucrative year as the economy bounces back over the next year.


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