Dubai, Saigon, Hanoi and Geneva get "street view" mapping, no thanks to Google…

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Hoping to take a virtual tour of Dubai, Saigon, Hanoi or Geneva from the comfort of your computer desk? Well that hasn’t been possible, as they are just a few of the many cities yet to be given the Google StreetView mapping treatment. Until now that is; an alternative in the shape of is venturing where no Googler has gone before to offer you street-level mapping of those very cities.

Available in 6 languages, the site offers 360-degree views of the cities in question, with detailed tourism information and real estate location scouting listed among its many features.

“It certainly is different than traditional maps and satellite imagery: it is like being on-site and looking by yourself at the street-level,” according to GlobalVision’s project manager, Jan-Mathieu Donnier.

“We developed hardware and software solution that enables us to capture an
entire city in a few days. Moreover, our coverage area does not stop on the streets; we may also include walking areas and even buildings, hotels and museums interiors whenever asked to do so. We now have all tools available to provide StreetView in full-motion immersive video and high-quality still images for whoever may need so, wherever on earth this is needed.”

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Gerald Lynch
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