Hadron Collider repairs to cost £14m


Turns out that fixing the slight liquid helium leak down below Geneva earlier this year is going to cost rather more than the vase you knocked over at Auntie Flo’s house when you were 13, which cost you all your pocket money for the following three months. To be precise, the exact cost of fixing the LHC is £14 million.

The team behind it also say that “realistically”, it’s going to take until next summer before things are up and running again. Originally, we thought that it’d be going again around now, but the damage was more severe than the team realised. Most concerningly of all, the cost of fixing the thing ‘falls within CERN’s budget’. Damn – that’s one hell of a budget.

LHC (via BBC)

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Digital Summer Special: High-tech audio systems


Several of the companies exhibiting at Digital Summer had some interesting audio technology on show.

There’s been plenty of talk about creating virtual surround sound from a pair of stereo speakers, but not so much (that I’ve heard of) about creating a wide stereo sound space from one speaker unit. Audio Pro, Geneva, and Orbitsound are all pushing technology that does just that. It sounds great, too.

Read on for five great home audio products, and please don’t let the iPod integration put you off…