Reddit send a crowbar, headcrab and Half-Life strategy guide over to CERN

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half-life-reddit.jpgIf the turning on of the Large Hadron Collider does trigger some sort of dimensional portal and alien invasion, at least the men and women of CERN will be prepared. Or they will if anyone on their team is as badass as Gordon Freeman…

The team over at social bookmarking service Reddit have sent a crowbar painted red, a headcrab and a Half-Life strategy guide over to the team at the Large Hadron Collider. It should keep them safe and help them negotiate any resonance cascades or other “Unforseen Consequences”.

Half-Life, for those unfamiliar, was one of the most groundbreaking video games ever. It told the story of Gordon Freeman – a physicist at a fictional laboratory who participated in a cutting-edge experimental procedure. During the experiment, he accidentally opens a gateway to another dimension from which a huge alien force attacks earth. Gordon has to battle both the alien race and the military trying to suppress the situation before taking the fight to the alien homeworld.

Any similaries to current events will be entirely coincidental. Oh, and if you haven’t had enough LHC news, then check out the Large Hadron Rap:

Reddit’s CERN gift (via WebProNews)

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