Gmail introduces Undo Send to pull back e-mails


gmail-icon.gifI don’t use Gmail but I appreciate I’m one of the unenlightened here. I do have an account – two actually – but it just doesn’t interest me. I watched on a few weeks back when crisis day hit, the service went down and people were brought to their knees; people that is except for me.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think it’s rubbish or anything but I can’t say that new features like the one they’ve released today exactly haul me in either. This morning brings the dawn of the “Undo Send” feature on Gmail. Undo Send. Yes, superb.

The idea, of course, is that you can haul back an e-mail that you sent on the wrong end of few pints of heavy and the half bottle of whisky chaser; the one to your boss about how he can stick his job up his overpaid, cancerous rectum; that one.

Anyway, the trouble is that “Undo Send” only gives you five seconds to undo what you shouldn’t have did in the fist place, and that’s not very much time. I usually take a good few minutes to regred a mail or realise that, like a pillock, I forgot to attach some spreadsheet or other that was the whole point of the communication in the first place. Still, I suppose it’s better than nothing.

You have to turn on Undo Send in the Gmail Labs under settings and you’ll then see a link in your “mail sent” confirmation which you can hit in moments of panic. Switch it on if you must but, if you really need help in this area, I offer you two very sage pieces of TD advice:

1) Always read through what you’ve written
2) Never send an e-mail in anger.

Here endeth the lesson.


Daniel Sung
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