O2 and Vodafone iPad data plans revealed

Although O2 and Vodafone are yet to announce their iPad data plan packages for themselves, those pre-ordering Apple's tablet today have been given the full run-down on what to expect from both carrier's tariffs. Vodafone offer two simple monthly plans….

Orange iPad data plan costs revealed

No sooner than the official UK pricing of the iPad was revealed but do we now have Orange's pricing plans for data charges. Read on to find out the cost of web browsing with Orange on Apple's tablet. A number…

5 things iTunes must do to stay ahead of Spotify

Since it launched nearly a decade ago, Apple's iTunes has become almost synonymous with digital music. A beautiful and intuitive user-interface coupled with the most thorough library of legal MP3 downloads available, it was the perfect accompaniment to the iPod…

iTunes 7.7 now available: iPhone App Store live


With New Zealand’s iPhone launch less than an hour away, it’s no surprise that Apple has finally released iTunes 7.7, a required piece of software for activating the iPhone and accessing the applications store.

It’s a 48MB download, but given that you need a broadband connection to use the iPhone anyway, it should only take you five minutes or so to install (unless Apple’s web servers start crawling, which is a possibility)…

Apple may offer unlimited iTunes access for more expensive iPods


According to recent reports, Apple may be considering unlimited access to their massive iTunes music collection for anyone who pays a premium price for an iPod or iPhone.

Now, I know you’re probably thinking that Apple already charges a premium price for their kit, but the idea is that an extra one-off fee when purchasing an Apple-branded media player or phone would then give unlimited access to streaming music from their online store…

Apple may launch official iPhone ringtones via iTunes on Wednesday

ituneslogo.jpgEven before the iPhone launched, we’ve been expecting there to be some way of purchasing and uploading ringtones to the iPhone via iTunes. Now several prominent US newspapers are reporting that Steve Jobs could use his special event on Wednesday (the star of the show rumoured to be new touchscreen, Intel-based iPods) to launch an iPhone ringtone service.

As the Crazy Frog will tell/irritatingly shout at you, there’s money to be made from ringtones, particularly as Apple may wish to cash in on the iPhone’s ability to assign individual tones to each contact.