O2 and Vodafone iPad data plans revealed

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ipad data plans.jpgAlthough O2 and Vodafone are yet to announce their iPad data plan packages for themselves, those pre-ordering Apple‘s tablet today have been given the full run-down on what to expect from both carrier’s tariffs.

Vodafone offer two simple monthly plans. £10 per month bags you 250MB of data, while £25 per month offers up to 5GB of data.

O2’s plans are a little more comprehensive. Like Orange (who have already revealed their data plans), they too are offering a Pay As You Go option. £2 per day will get you 500MB of data in 24 hours, 300GB more than Orange’s similar offer. O2 also offer monthly plans; £10 will bag you 1GB over four weeks, while £15 will grab you 3GB over the same period.

However, of the three carriers, so far only Orange have announced free public hot-spot Wi-Fi access, which may tip the scales in their favour for some users.

MicroSim cards can be ordered alongside the iPad at a cost of 20 pence, but this can also be done through your carrier at a later date if that is more convenient.

Gerald Lynch
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