O2 and Vodafone iPad data plans revealed

Although O2 and Vodafone are yet to announce their iPad data plan packages for themselves, those pre-ordering Apple's tablet today have been given the full run-down on what to expect from both carrier's tariffs. Vodafone offer two simple monthly plans….

iPad now available for pre-order in the UK

The wait is finally over for UK residents who have been patiently twiddling thier thumbs, dying for a chance to get their hands on an iPad. Apple are now taking pre-orders for their tablet device ready to be shipped out…

Apple announce official UK iPad price and release date

Apple have just announced that the iPad will be launching in the UK on May 28th, with prices starting at £429 for the 16GB Wi-Fi version. £499 will bag the 32 GB Wi-Fi iPad, £599 the 64GB Wi-Fi iPad. 3G-enabled…

Switzerland set to ban violent videogames

Here's some bad news for gamers living in Switzerland; a new law has just been passed in the country which will see any game given a PEGI 16+ or 18+ rating banned from sale. The new ruling states that any…

DAB receives major setback as Germans and Swiss say no


The future of DAB radio took a bit of a kicking today when Germany and Switzerland’s commercial radio stations refused to invest in developing the DAB system to replace existing FM/AM transmissions. Their argument was that it didn’t make financial sense to do so.

The news has big repercussions for the UK and the rest of Europe. The Digital Britain report stated that the government would “work with our European partners, including the European Commission, to develop a common European approach to digital radio”. Well, it seems like all of the European partners aren’t interested in coming to the party.

The move could also be bad news for consumers. DAB radios are already much more expensive than their analogue brethren and the lack of a Europe-wide market is hardly going to help the cause. Car manufacturers are also less likely to include DAB radios in cars if they’ll only get maximum usage in selected countries.

The whole DAB scenario has been a bit of a shambles from the start really. Some DAB radios in the UK- reportedly as many as 9million – won’t even work if/when the system gets upgraded to the superior DAB+ system.

Campaigns such as Save FM argue that there is no need to take radio digital anyway – with many people arguing FM audio quality is, in fact, superior. The rise of internet radio also raises questions for the need of a digital radio network.

(via The Register)

Doodle helps you make choices with a large group of people online

Need to make a decision in a hurry online, with a group of people? Doodle’s got your back. It bills itself as a scheduling and choice-making site, and it pretty much does that – and nothing else – which is a breath of fresh air compared to most sites.

The question-asker just puts in the details, and up pops a link which he or she can then send to anyone they want to get input from. You can choose whether your poll is private or whether anyone can see anyone else’s answers – which will reassure the privacy-conscious.

Doodle’s free, and you can try it out right now. Registration is optional, but it’s quick and simple. It’s ad-supported and the company is based in Zurich, Switzerland. Go try it.


Vladimir Putin lays the smack down on Michael Dell


File this one under “lol”. Last night at the World Economic Forum on Davos, Switzerland, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin gave a 40 minute keynote speech about a variety of topics. In the ‘questions’ section afterwards, Dell chairman Michael Dell said nice things about Russia’s scientific prowess, and then asked how his company could help Russia expand its IT infrastructure.

Putin’s response?

“We don’t need your help. We are not invalids. We don’t have limited mental capacity.”

Ouch. Video over the jump, the smackdown begins right at the start.

Swiss researchers can steal passwords from 65 feet away

A bunch of Swiss researchers have worked out “a variety” of ways to steal passwords from wired keyboards. That’s right – wired keyboards. It relies on the electromagnetic emanations that happen when you push the keys on the keyboard, and you can see a demonstration in the video above…

EFF decides to remain "neutral" over net neutrality


The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has come up with some software to help us keep an eye on our ISPs and find out whether or not they’re ‘traffic shaping’ or ‘bandwidth throttling’ what goes into and out of our computers – a practice that some ISPs have begun doing to try and kerb all of that nasty BitTorrenting that’s clogging up the internet…

HD DVD owners in Switzerland can trade for Blu-ray players, sez Sony


Bless the Swiss. Not only do they give the rest of the world chocolate, Swiss cheese, and beautiful people, but they’re also offering HD DVD owners the opportunity to trade in their obsolete format for a Blu-ray player.

Surprisingly, it’s Sony who’re offering the trade, marking Switzerland as the first country on the map to do so. When buying the BDP-S500…