Orange iPad data plan costs revealed

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orange.jpgNo sooner than the official UK pricing of the iPad was revealed but do we now have Orange’s pricing plans for data charges. Read on to find out the cost of web browsing with Orange on Apple’s tablet.

A number of tariffs have been lined up. Orange’s Pay-as-you-go data bundles may initially sound tempting, but at 5p for every MB of data you use, you’re looking at quite the bill for even some modest browsing.

The iPad Weekly tariff is similar, costing £7.50 for 1GB of usage over seven days.

More conventional are the iPad Monthly 15 and iPad Monthly 25 tariffs. iPad Monthly 15 costs £15 and gets you 3GB of data and “unlimited” Wi-Fi inline with their fair-usage policy of 750MB. Ipad Monthly 25 costs £25 and ups the data limit to 10GB, as well as the aforementioned Wi-Fi.

Tailored 3G plans from Orange will be available from 10th May, but you can pre-order an Orange microSIM right now in the meantime.

UPDATED: Orange will cap Pay-as-you-go tariffs at £40 per month, excluding optional bundles.

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  • I am still wondering whether to buy an ipad or not. The cost is high and there are apps and service to pay too.

  • To tell you the truth, I was ready to get skinned off but after looking and comparing for a while, I’m a bit more optimistic now.

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