Can you name a digital music download service? 4 out of 10 Brits cant

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A new survey conducted by Consumer Focus has revealed that four in ten people are unable to name a single legal online music service. Despite their being over 20 on the market, of the few music fans aware of such services, 85% could only name Amazon and iTunes.

The survey makes for even grimmer reading if you’re a Spotify executive. Of the 1,995 people questioned, only 2% had heard of the streaming service, which is still struggling to convince record companies to support its free streaming model.

Gerald Lynch
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  • Hi
    This headline is completely wrong and misleading. The question I was asked was

    What could the major music companies do to help you and your competitors build a bigger profile?

    My Answer
    I think the biggest activity for the majors, government and us is to heavily promote the legal partners such as we7, 7Digital and drive that education. we7 lets people have music for free with ads or a small monthly fee if they don’t want ads so the best way to destroy piracy is to promote the legal service more aggressively. We7 does its part if you type ‘music’ into Google out of 1.5bn entries we7 is normally first so we are doing somethings right.

    At NO time did I indicate any negativity and I get extremely annoyed at this method of reporting


    Steve Purdham
    CEO we7

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