Shopaholics at Westfield get Sky 3D TV demo next week

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sky 3d andy gray.jpgTraipsing through the cavernous Westfield shopping centre might not be as arduous a task as it sounds next week, thanks to a special 3D TV trial that Sky are running.

Sky will be handing out 3D glasses to shopaholics visiting Westfield, where they will be treated to a short demo of 3D sports and catwalk clips.

With 3D TVs hitting stores next month, Sky will be looking to raise the profile of its own 3D broadcast service, which it aims to roll out later this year.

Thankfully, if you’re already a Sky+ HD subscriber, there will be no need to upgrade your existing set top box as they will already be fully compatible with Sky’s 3D service. Of course, you’ll still need to shell out for a new 3D-compatible telly, but Sky are hoping to make the prospect a little more enticing by launching a new range of sports, movies, arts and documentaries channels all showcasing the extra dimension.

The trial will be running at the Sky Retail Store on Westfield’s level 2. For more info on Sky’s 3D services, click here.

Gerald Lynch
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