iPhone 4G looks set to feature video chat

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O2 have today updated their iPhone tariffs. That in itself wouldn’t be too exciting, were it not for the fact the new deals include pricing details for video calling. With the current generation of iPhones unable to make video calls, have O2 just revealed a key feature of the rumoured iPhone 4G?

The latest iPhone 3.2 SDK certainly suggested that video calling was on the cards for the next generation of iPhones, and developers haven’t been exactly shy in confirming that the 3.2 OS already has some limited support for video calling under the hood.

If it proves to be true, the video calling feature all but confirms the next-gen iPhone will have a front-facing camera. Video calling has never been as popular on handsets as had been expected, but if any device was going to change consumers attitudes towards the service, Apple‘s phone stands as good a chance as any.

Gerald Lynch
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  • (To the first commenter) Did you read the news article? It did point out that this would mean that iPhone 4G would have a front facing camera.

    (On the article) If they are charging the same for video calls as voice calls then this makes the video calls very attractive. I’m sure every iPhone 4G owner would at least give it a go if they know someone who also has a phone that can do video calls.

  • I have heard the iPhone 4G is coming out in June. I’ve also heard there is going to be video chat. I don’t know they will do it because if you face the way you have it with the camera on the back, how do you see the person your talking to?

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