Volkswagen Viseo concept car, featuring external OLED screen for displaying info

Phwroar, would you take a look at that Volkswagen! It’s certainly a far cry from the Beetle and Golf models, eh? Still, Germans have always been known for their forward-thinking design aesthetics, and this concept car doesn’t disappoint.

Electric cars are all the rage, as we’ve seen in countless other offerings in the shape of the Tesla Roadster, Suzuki PIXY, and three-wheeled Aptera.

Created by Marc Kirsch, with Volkswagen’s support, the three-seater car not only has an aerodynamic bod, but…

The quite superb Suzuki PIXY single-person electric car

If you fancy tootling around town while being mocked by the local youths and have a skin think enough to cope, the Suzuki PIXY could be the next-generation vehicle for you. It’s a single-person vehicle which may or may not be legally describable as a “car” – and it’s entirely electric so that all you world-saving environmentalists can tootle around feeling quite superior about that.


Bet Larry David thinks the new Toyato Plug-in HV car is pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, preeeetty good!

sslog-larry-david-prius4.jpg What’s good for Larry David is usually good enough for us. That’s why we converted to Judaism, innit. Admittedly up until now I’ve always been a little hesitant about Toyota’s Prius car, even though Larry is obsessed with his – maybe it’s just the slight stigma that goes along with the car, that you’ll constantly be branded an eco-friendly twat.

For those who adore their Prius and want to get into Larry’s inner circle (I’d suggest going bald first), but think the car could be even more green, you’ll be jumping in your hemp clothing for joy at the news that Toyota has just announced a plug-in hybrid vehicle, the Plug-in HV…