IFA 07: LG DVR Pause and Play TV and PC users

lg_lcd_dvr_range.jpgFor those of you into your pause and play TV, LG also had new 160GB DVRs with dual digital tuners on display. Each will naturally allow you to watch one program while recording another. They’ve got Freeview Playback Certification from the UK’s Digital TV group, so you can record subtitles and closed captions, in addition to video and audio, as well as intelligently schedule recording times in case a TV programme over-runs.

Win a TVonics DVR-FP250 Freeview PVR with Tech Digest

tvonics56.jpg Fancy recording that night’s episode of Eastenders, but you won’t get home from work in time? We have just the answer to your quandry, as we wouldn’t want you to miss out on the latest news surrounding the Stacey/Bradley/Max love-triangle now, would we?

Simply send me an email with your postal address (you must be living within Britain, sorry), and tell me what the first TV show you’d record using your new TVonics DVR-FP250 Freeview PVR would be. All entrants will be signed up to our mailing list, so if you’re not comfortable with receiving the odd email from Tech Digest, then please say so when emailing me…

Ocean Blue calls for a single PVR standard

ocean_blue_software.gifOcean Blue Software has called for a single standard for digital TV recorders (PVRs). Managing Director of Ocean Blue said that the introduction of Freeview Playback has been a step in the right direction, but that most PVRs contain proprietary software due to a lack of industry standard guidelines.

Ocean Blue would like to see a single brand across satellite, cable, and even IPTV broadcasts. Their Voyager software system is already the standard mandated middleware solution for Freeview digital TV receivers, while Sunrise is a DVB compliant suite of software that can receive analogue and digital video and audio, with Surfsoft being a Freeview Playback standard.

Could Ocean Blue be suggesting that they would offer the best software standard?