CES 2007: CyberLink MagicSports 3 DVR sports analysis

CES 2007, Sport

cyberlink-magicsports.jpgGotta love those US-targeted press releases. Apparently one use for CyberLink’s MagicSports 3 software is to analyse key game events in football matches, such as goals, near goals and “rule violations”. I think that means elbows to the eye socket.

Anyway, MagicSports 3 looks cool despite its loose command of footballing jargon. It works if you’ve turned your PC into a DVR, recording sports matches. It basically analyses them, picking out the highlights like an automated Match Of The Day editor. Kind of.

So instead of watching the full game, you let the software pick out the best bits for you to save time. It also works for baseball, isolating home runs, walks, strikes and other interesting moments (e.g. the bits where everyone gets up, stretches their legs, and orders another plate of toxic-cheese nachos).

You can also output your highlights as MPEG-2 or MPEG-1 files, to watch on a portable device or share with friends (er, I’m guessing this aspect might be frowned upon by the rights owners, mind). MagicSports 3 works with Microsoft’s Windows Media Center Edition and CyberLink’s own PowerCinema TV software.

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Stuart Dredge
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