CES 2007: HotSeat Flight Sim Extreme

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hotseat-flightsim.jpgMan, if I had $3,954 to spare and was at all interested in planes, I’d be first in the queue to buy a HotSeat Flight Sim Extreme. It’s not strictly meant for amateur flyboys, mind.

“This is already being used in aviation colleges and aviation museums, and we have private pilots that use it to keep current,” says HotSeat’s Allan Wattenmaker.

So what do you get for yer money? Well, it’s a steel tubular frame with a chair, with built-in six-speaker 5.1 Dolby Digital surround sound, complete with the centre channel and subwoofer under the seat, so you feel every vibration.

There’s an aluminium-welded table for the yoke, wireless keyboard and wireless mouse, plus pedals, an LCD stand with a 23-inch widescreen HD monitor, a fully pimped-up PC, and a copy of Microsoft’s Flight Sim X: Deluxe Edition. It looks marvellous.

“Currently we sell it in the US and Canada, and we’ve sold some in South America,” says Wattenmaker. “But we are in the process of looking into European and Asian distribution, so watch this space!”

HotSeat website

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Stuart Dredge
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