A post about DIY Terminator sunglasses that doesn't use a single Arnie catchphrase


Are you an emotionless killing machine sent from the future to kill the mother of the leader of resistance against the machines? If so, this probably won’t interest you. If you’re not an emotionless killing machine but wish you were though, Vince Veneziani over at Gearfuse has got you covered – he’s put together a tutorial on how to make yourself some sunglasses like those worn by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the first Terminator film…

DIY VHS USB hub: fun, nostalgic project, apparently


Given that you can pick up a four port USB hub for about five quid these days, there’s no economic value in converting an old VHS cassette tape into one (particularly as you need to buy a USB hub to make it work anyway, but for sheer nostalgia, and for the dream of clogging up your desk with a great big hub rather than a tiny one, this project could be for you.

Mention “hot glue” and “soldering equipment” and I’m running — at least for a small project like this — but if it’s your thing, head over to the Instrucables web site and give it a go…

Corbis offering free pinhole cameras for download


Time to chuck out your DSLR, here’s a blast from the past. File alongside homemade kaleidoscopes and tin-can/string communications systems. Corbis are offering pinhole cameras available to download for free from their website and build yourself, in classic Blue Peter style.

Designed by New York agency, Fwis, the flat-pack cameras are durable and will add a little bit of character to your poorly framed, out of focus shots – perfect for festival season.

Do a Jean Michel Jarre with your very own Laser Harp

Anyone remember Jean Michel Jarre’s laser performances, where he supposedly played synth leads by breaking laser beams? Some said it was fake, but nonetheless it is possible, as Stephen Hobley has proved with his Laser Harp.

To say it’s a custom build is an understatement. There are plenty of technical details on his web page, but if you just want to see it in action, take a look at the video below:

The DIY clock, 'Harddisc-Uhr', made by some random German nutter

harddisc-uhr.jpgThere’s not much to say about this clock except ‘wow!’. And possibly ‘where on earth do I get one?!’ Well, unfortunately for you, it’s a DIY clock made by some clever German in his basement, in the spare minutes between Star Trek reruns, probably.

The ‘Harddisc-Uhr’, as it’s known, features a rotating platter which allows for the time to be changed, instead of being…

Asus pursue the gaming clientele with the C90 notebook

asuslaptop5.jpg Asus are popping out new notebooks all over the place, like the plastic equivalent of Vicky Pollard. But don’t let that put you off – I’m sure their latest offering, the C90, doesn’t come in lurid pink and talk back to you. Yet.

The C90 is being dubbed a ‘gaming’ laptop, which really means they can charge an extra couple hundred to go after the obsessve fanboy market who will shell out over a grand simply so they can play WoW a few frames faster than the next orc along. The 15.4-incher is completely upgradeable, allowing consumers to update the CPU, GPU, memory, HDD and optical drive without worrying about voiding the warranty…