Star Wars-branded Adidas Super Stars

It’s the time of the year when a man’s thoughts turn to what kind of new cool trainers he’s going to wear while not leaving the house this summer.

So you might want to consider these. They are about Star Wars. They use the Star Wars font, legally, and have the classic and proven chassis of the Adidas Super Star going-outside show for sporty people as a base. They will be ideal for putting on your feet and placing beneath any PC desk for 12 hours at a time.


Think Geek's Star Wars slippers demand you choose between forces

star-wars-slippers.jpgI love how these Star Wars slippers from ThinkGeek epitomises geekiness in every extremity. Can you imagine sitting back, playing Lego Star Wars on your PS2, and having these bad boys warming your tootsies up?

As with all decisions you make in life, there’s the good and the bad option – do you sheath your feet in Jed-friendly Yodas, or evil Sith-like Darth Vaders? The decisions, the decisions. After you’ve tossed up the pros…

Turn your kids all Sith-like with this Star Wars Darth Vader laptop

I just saw these Darth Vader laptops from Oregon the other day in person, and before I had the chance to write about them, Alex at Shiny Shiny beat me to it. We’re just too good here, *hair flick*

Aimed at kiddywinks, or your mate who resembles Nick Frost just a little too much for comfort, these ‘laptops’ are actually activity centres for children which contain ‘mind-blowing games in logic, music and other breathtaking activities’. Use the interactive light sabre and ‘choose a learning path with Darth Vader’,..