Star Wars-branded Adidas Super Stars


It’s the time of the year when a man’s thoughts turn to what kind of new cool trainers he’s going to wear while not leaving the house this summer.

So you might want to consider these. They are about Star Wars. They use the Star Wars font, legally, and have the classic and proven chassis of the Adidas Super Star going-outside shoe for sporty people as a base. They will be ideal for putting on your feet and placing beneath any PC desk for 12 hours at a time.


The black ones are the “Darth Vader” model and the whites ones are for Yoda fans. Obviously. They’re a bit expensive at $275, but if there’s one thing Star Wars fans like doing it’s throwing their money at anything with the Star Wars intellectual property vaguely attached to it, especially when only 800 of them are being made so they’re fantastic for boasting about having at conventions and on the internet.

(Via Kix-Files)

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