Star Wars Chubbies: like Russian dolls with The Force

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p1748ex1.gifI always thought a Star Wars Chubby is what male sci-fi fans get during those scenes where Princess Leia is in her scanties. But no. Apparently, Star Wars Chubbies are a new range of toys being sold by Firebox, which are like little Russian dolls based on Star Wars characters.

There’s currently six: Darth Vader, C3PO, Obi Wan, Emperor Palpatine, General Grievous, and ‘Wookie’. Each figure opens up to reveal a smaller doll, which opens up to reveal an even smaller doll. So inside Vader is Anakin, and inside Anakin is Young Anakin.

The Chubbies cost £7.95 each, except for Vader, who’s £9.95. Thankfully there’s no Yoda or Jar Jar Binks, but don’t worry Chubby chasers, I’m sure they’ll be along soon.

Star Wars Chubbies

Stuart Dredge
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