3 Ways to understand consumer behavior 

A customer is the most valuable asset for any business, and investing a reasonable amount of time and energy towards building a good customer base is crucial. Businesses involve identifying leads, converting them into customers, and retaining them. To sustain this cycle, it becomes essential for a company to understand its customer base. It involves…

Belkin is 'extremely sorry' for buying good reviews on Amazon


Belkin’s slapping its own wrists, after The Daily Background caught them offering 65 cents for every good review posted on Amazon.com, and asked participants to “Mark any other negative reviews as not helpful”. Rather shady, no? Well, it turns out that Belkin’s upper management agree, and have issued a full apology.

The upper echelons claim not to have been aware of the tactic, which was instigated by one Michael Bayard, a Business Development Representative at Belkin. All the requests are now down, and any reviews posted have been removed. Still, I suspect Mr Bayard is now either out of a job, or keeping his head way down.

Belkin’s apology (via Geek.com)

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O2 changes mobile broadband based on consumer survey


Consumer surveys are all very good for finding out what people like and don’t like, but so much the better when a commissioning company takes note of the results and changes its product accordingly.

So it is with O2, which carried out a survey of consumers to find out what they thought of mobile broadband.

Over one in ten responded by saying that they felt they’d been mis-sold a package, with a third saying that they were paying more than they believed the deal stated, while one-fifth cited poor coverage as a bugbear. Around one in six said that there was no returns guarantee if the service wasn’t right for them, while half wanted free use of Wi-Fi hotspots as standard…

O2 expects high demand for iPhone 3G: one per customer only


O2 has just announced that, due to expected high demand for the iPhone 3G, orders will be limited to just one per customer on a strictly first-come-first-serve basis. It’s not clear whether the Carphone Warehouse will also impose this restriction, but it’s likely.

Unlike our American friends, who have now been told by AT&T that the handset will go on sale from 8am local time at AT&T stores, all we have to go on is the 11th July date. Rumours of O2 stores opening at 7am may be true, though we never saw preregistration begin yesterday…