2007 Tech Trends No. 7: Lifecasting


In 2006, YouTube became an internet sensation, as thousands of savvy users realised they could grasp their 15 minutes of fame online, armed only with a good idea and a digital camera / webcam / mobile phone. Sure, there’s loads of rubbish on YouTube, but there’s also some killer vids that wouldn’t have been allowed anywhere near a ‘professional’ TV studio.

Today on Tech Digest: Bill Gates meets Steve Jobs, iTunes Plus controversy, Palm Foleo and more…

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iTunes Plus slated for sneaky user ID feature
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YouTube hooks up with Apple TV
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eBay buys StumbleUpon social bookmarking site
How Ustream.tv and BlogTV will turn us all into broadcasters
Top 10 albums worth buying as iTunes Plus DRM-free downloads
LG launches Green Banana Phone in South Korea
PSP firmware update means Remote Play is GO GO GO!
Jela Skype mouse phone with LCD screen
DXG’s new seven-megapixel digital camera
New study suggests digital gadgets are going to waste
Google Gears untethers online applications
What devices can play iTunes Plus downloads?

The student common-room that’s a recycled Boeing 747 plane