Google Maps adds real estate option


Google has added real estate search to Google Maps in Australia and New Zealand. Properties for sale or rent can be viewed on the existing maps with additional photos and details available with a click of the mouse.

Private users’ listings are added via sites such as homehound and myhome and there are also estate-agent based listings available as well.

House-hunters input the area they are interested in and advance options such as type of properties, price range, floor area range, number of bedrooms, bathrooms and parking spaces.

The system was developed by workers at Google’s Sydney office and it is expected that the service will be expanded to the US first and then the rest of the globe.

With many individuals already using Google Map’s streetview to look around areas and particular streets that they are interested in, the move to include real-estate listings is a logical one.

(via The Age)

OPINION: Exams haven't met the 21st Century yet


It’s easy to forget sometimes that the 21st century is now. Information is the currency that the world runs on, and is far more transferrable and globally relevant than actual cash. However, despite its focus on knowledge, the education system is hopelessly out of date. The traditional “exam” involves sitting down with a pen and some dead tree, and trying to remember when the battle of Sevastopol was. A school in Australia is trying to change that…

Australian resellers claim they received suspicious boxes from Apple – 3G iPhones?


Australia hasn’t even had the luxury of selling a legal iPhone yet, but already there are rumours they’ve just received the 3G model, due to some resellers showing photos of mysterious Apple boxes they aren’t allowed to touch until after the WWDC expo next week.

The date in which they can open them is June 10th, next Tuesday – just a day after Steve Jobs is expected to announce the phone. Now, I’m sure some sneaky store-workers have already prised the lids off a box already, so all we can do is sit back and wait for the rumours to swell over the weekend. Or, for dozens of reported injuries by Australian sneaks who got burnt with Apple’s idea of a practical joke….