Aussie man sells life on eBay for £200,000

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alife4sale.jpgAn Australian man has successfully sold his entire life on ebay, including his house, his car, his motorbike, his sofa, his good china, his nectar points, his job, his friends: everything. His unique auction won him a little short of £200,000.

Ian Usher created his website ‘’ to publicise and explain in depth about his decision to sell his every worldly possession and dump a complete random into his place. On the site he writes “I have had enough of my life! I don’t want it any more! You can have it if you like!” There was, inevitably, a girl involved.

“I met and married the best girl in the world. I loved her with all my heart, and she loved me back too. However, after over twelve years together and five years of fantastic married happiness, I was hit with a bolt from the blue,” Usher wrote. “I now live alone in a house that was being built for us to live in together”. He specifically notes that suicide is definitely not on the cards.

After his offer finally made it to a seven-day auction, the lot closed at 399,300 AUD, which comes to £192,460. Usher had hoped to raise around $500,000 to start his new life and is said to be “a little bit disappointed” that it didn’t go any higher. Frankly though, he was selling a product/service that obviously didn’t work out too well for its first owner…

At the moment, the identity of Usher’s replacement is being kept under wraps, but the fact that anyone was prepared to buy it is quite impressive. Something tells me this won’t really be the start of a trend though.

eBay (via Sydney Morning Herald)

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