NOT CES 2008: Mobile music revenues to hit a staggering $18 billion by 2012

sony-ericsson-W380-happy-days.jpgAnd it’s all to the hottest and coolest new “thing” in the music world – paid for subscriptions, says telecoms analysts Juniper Research.

Mobile-friendly services like Universal’s Total Music, where you pay a set fee every month and get to listen to EVERY record it’s produced/churned out, will fuel this cash-mad boom, with iTunes obviously mopping up the rest of everyone’s money…

Digital Divide? Over 50% of new TVs sold in UK last year analogue

tv.pngAccording to the latest figures from GfK, over half of the 7.5 million TVs sold in the past year were analogue (4.4m).

Though the number of digital TVs sold in the year ending May 2007 had increased almost threefold over the previous year, at just over 3m compared to just over 1m, still more analogue TVs were sold, though the figure had dropped from around 5.6m in 2006 to 4.4m in 2007.

Nick Simon at GfK expressed some concern over the figures. “Unfortunately there were still more than 4 million analogue TVs sold in the last 52 weeks, suggesting that there is still a lot of work required to convert all 25 million plus UK households. This is especially an issue when GfK ConsumerScope research reveals an average of two and a half sets per household.”