One thought on “Hate the 2012 London Olympics logo? Boycott it with Ben Way's help

  • Ooh hark at the poor little rich boy.

    Quite why are we supposed to be boycotting the sponsors? Because of the logo? Because they’re evil for other reasons? If the latter, then tell us what they are (I see Lloyds TSB are the only known sponsor so far anyway)

    The logo isn’t going to go because some millionaire gives about 0.001% of his income to print a few “boycott T-shirts”.

    Why not put the energy to something important like tackling poverty or genocide? This rich kid nonsense really gets on my nerves. Lord Coe has spent his money and he’s not about to change his mind even though he’s been well and truly “had” on this one.

    I’m sure we’ll all be used to the stupid ‘cool’ design in five years’ time, anyway.

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