2012 boom-time for 3D TV say Sony

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3d tv.jpgThough this week’s Consumer Electronics Show and the rest of 2010 alike will bring with them tons of 3D TV tech headlines, Sony executive Mike Fasulo has suggested that all the hype may yet be a little premature.

Whilst speaking to Business Week, the chief marketing officer said, “We don’t expect to see an explosion of 3D in the home until the 2012 time frame.”

Though the majority of us may have to wait a few years before we can bring 3D blockbusters such as Avatar into our living rooms, that wont stop Sony from showing off some brand new 3D home cinema kit at the Las Vegas convention.

Sony have already announced their plans to showcase both “3D-friendly TVs and DVD players” at CES, which opens its doors on January 7th.

Keep checking back to Tech Digest for all the latest Sony announcements from this year’s CES.

Gerald Lynch
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  • My wife would love this, right now she’s going to have twins in July and she is pretty big, it would be nice if she could lay on the bed and watch tv in our bedroom, great. Thank you!

  • I see no (c) so I assume it’s OK to use this image. Right? Please contact me ASAP if it’s not.

  • This is going to be awesome, I would totally buy 3d tv and 3d shows. This is a revolution.

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