IFA 2008: Epson announces four new high definition projectors: EH-TW420, EH-TW3000, EH-TW3800, EH-TW5000

Epson has announced five new high definition projector systems at this year’s IFA, offering a range of features for different budgets. Get ready for some specs…


The EH-TW420 is one of Epson’s more entry level 3LCD projectors, offering 720p projection, 2,000 ANSI lumens brightness, decent connectivity including HDMI and USB, various colour modes including a game mode to better process fast moving images, in-built 7W speaker, and keystone correction.

Retailing for around £649 and available from September.

IFA 2008: Creative lines up three GigaWorks models – T3, T20 and T40


Lucy Hedges writes…

Creative announced the launch of three GigaWorks speaker systems today – the GigaWorks T20 Series II, GigaWorks T40 Series II and the GigaWorks T3. Based on the huge paragraph dedicated to the T3 and the 2 lines allocated to the T20 and T40 in the press release, it’s fair to say the T3 is the one Creative really wants to grab your attention with. Not to stand in the way of the intentions of a press release, it’s the T3 up first. Looking like an impressive piece of kit, the T3 is a 2.1 speaker, combining innovative design with what Creative are calling ‘the best audio components and state-of-the-art technologies’, to deliver a sound that’ll raise your listening experience to a whole new level of fantastic-ness and produce a sound any audiophile would be proud of…

IFA 2008: Philips gets in on the thin scene with its 42" Essence LCD – only 38mm thick


This year’s “thing” at IFA 2008 is definitely thin TVs. Everyone’s at it. Spec sheets now list LCD thickness in millimetres, as companies fight – like children over a dropped sweet – to see who’s got the thinnest TV.

That award has already been won by Sony’s BRAVIA ZX1, to be honest – but the new Philips Essence LCD isn’t far behind. Peaking at a max width of 38mm, the 42″ screen has been designed to sit flush against a wall…

IFA 2008: Philips shows off 42PFL9803 42" Flat TV


Get ready for this, specification fans – the Philips Flat TV features a 2ms response time and a dynamic contrast ratio of 2,000,000:1. It does this by a very technically complex fashion to do with an LED LUX system the stops light leaking. I’ll let Andy from HDTV explain. He’s better at understanding stuff to do with pixels and ratios:

“The LED LUX system comprises of 128 segments of LEDs in 8 rows containing 16 segments. Nine LEDs are assigned to each individual segment, and these can be individually dimmed to precisely control the output of each pixel.”

And that’s how it works. It also…