IFA 2008: Medion Akoya Mini E1211 – a 10-inch netbook for the market


No, this isn’t another of the endless teasers about the Dell E, this is actually about the Medion Mini as announced at IFA 2008 today. The only problem is that Medion didn’t bother sending out any pictures and, what with the famous Dell pencil, it seemed like the perfect image to get across the sense of what I’m talking about.

So, the market launch of the Medion Akoya Mini E1211 is planned for October…

IFA 2008: Sharp launches super-thin AQUOS XS1 and premium AQUOS D65E HDTVs


It’s not just Sony playing the thin TV game, with Sharp announcing its latest AQUOS LCD TV boasting 2.3cms thick body.

Available in 52 and 65-inch screen sizes, the XS1 series features advanced contrast ratio of 10,000:1, 6ms response time, detachable speaker system, five 2.1-channel speakers, and 100Hz picture enhancement technology, plus gallery mode for displaying photos from a USB stick…

IFA 2008 GALLERY: Medion broke its back lugging all these new PCs over

Medion has announced a pile of new PCs at IFA today, ranging from its AKOYA Nettop PC – a slimline desktop powered by Intel's fashionable Atom – to illuminated monsters like the ERAZER X7303 D Game PC, for gamers who won't even look at something unless its plastered in blue LEDs and has things measured in terabytes.

So here's a look at the whole lot of them. This is my first go at doing an image gallery, by the way. Please be gentle if it's a bit broken.

Click on the pic below to start the Medion range Interactive Tour. All aboard!

IFA 2008: Griffin Evolve wireless speaker system & more docks (urgh)

Ahhhh, Griffin Technologies. If ever someone would suffer should the iBubble burst, it’d be them and they’d end up begging on the streets, probably next to Belkin.

For those of you without anything that requires a dock, then look away now, however, if your live in a four-strong pod family, then do have a listen to what our Susi from Shiny Shiny spied when she knocked on their door of the Griffin Evolve at IFA…