Ofcom and UK’s biggest telecoms firms commit to recruit more women

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Ofcom and the UK’s biggest telecoms companies have come together to sign a new pledge, committing to help get more women build technology careers across the industry.

The telecoms sector has been historically male-dominated – particularly in more senior technology-based positions. But Ofcom and seven of the biggest companies in the sector – BT, Openreach, Sky TalkTalk, Three, Virgin Media O2 and Vodafone – are looking to change that and have signed a pledge committing to improve representation for women.

These companies are the digital backbone of the UK economy – providing the broadband, mobile and infrastructure services that connect millions of people and businesses across the country.

Ofcom’s own technology work covers a wide range of areas within its remit – including spectrum management, cyber security and innovative use of data. It is also increasing its tech capabilities as it prepares to become the UK’s online safety regulator.

Having a talented, diverse workforce to meet the technological demands of an increasingly digital world, is therefore crucial to the future success of the telecoms sector, it claims.

Creating more career opportunities for women

Each of the organisations have agreed to take action to increase senior representation of women in technology-based roles over the next three years, as well as have more women in their workforces more generally.

The organisations will also focus on both attracting and retaining more women, while creating more inclusive working environments. They will come together to share good practice, as well as publishing information on the impact of their work to achieve better representation for women – including performance against their organisation’s own diversity and inclusion strategies.

Visit Ofcom’s website to read the commitments in full and hear from the participating organisations.

Chris Price
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