4 of the best new martech trends to boost your promotional campaigns

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“Martech” is a funny word. Like “Brexit”, it’s a portmanteau – in this case, referring simply to marketing technology. However, doesn’t technology underpin every aspect of modern marketing anyway? Yes, practically so – rendering “martech” largely a discussion of marketing more generally.

Therefore, no matter what type of business you run, and however deeply entrenched it is in the tech sector itself, you should be heeding emerging martech trends. Here are some that we reckon deserve your attention especially strongly, not least as we head further into 2020.

Increasing automation of marketing content

It’s nothing new for marketers to ease their workloads by shifting increasingly to automation platforms. However, as more and more marketers realise the benefits of offloading otherwise tedious and time-draining tasks to these platforms, we can anticipate their popularity growing.

This is because, from email strategy to lead generation and scoring, automation can help to accelerate the whole marketing process. For example, while Business 2 Community advocates tailoring more content to customers’ needs, you don’t have to settle for manually writing it.

Instead, you can trust automation platforms with collecting and organising customer data, allowing them to discern what messages should be sent at what times.

Using machine learning to predict and recommend

Again, this is really the evolution of an existing trend, as artificial intelligence (AI) already forms the backbone of many marketing efforts. However, one offshoot of AI, machine learning (ML), remains ripe in unrealised potential – and is expected to soar in popularity this year, says MarTech Advisor.

ML helps businesses to form predictions and recommendations informed by large sets of data. Companies can use ML to discern which marketing strategies are likelier to work than others. For example, what approaches to content should work best, and how should you meet customer service needs?

Sourcing data even more quickly over 5G

It’s hard to escape the mounting hype surrounding 5G, the generation of cellular communications technology succeeding the tried-and-trusted 4G. Compared to that tech, 5G will unlock download speeds as much as 20 times faster, unleashing exciting new possibilities for marketers.

For example, they will be able to enrich the personalised experiences they deliver, while improved location intelligence means that devices – and, hence, their users – can be tracked more easily. That could bode well for, say, ad targeting – but could there be an unwelcome cost to privacy here?

Handling customer data in a privacy-conscious way

Naturally, businesses might be hampered in any bid to mine more data from users via 5G unless the associated privacy concerns are suitably addressed first. The Cambridge Analytica scandal reminds us of the risks that can come from handling large amounts of customer data.

For this reason, you should make sure your own company adheres to the relevant regulations on data usage. You could also recruit influencers to market on your behalf, sparing you the need to source user data yourself. Socially Powerful are a global influencer marketing agency you could consider if you are drawn towards this strategy.


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