3 Fun Tech To Expect In The Future of Online Dating


The popularity of online dating has reached greater heights. In fact, a 2019 study published by Stanford University found that most couples meet each other online. The study also learned that the percentage of meeting new people through mutual friends declined abruptly. Meanwhile, meeting another person online started to increase.
Because of online dating apps, most people can now choose who they want to get to know more with just a simple swipe on their mobile phones. They can also  decide who to avoid by checking out the other person’s dating app profile. But since online dating continues to become more popular over the years, here are several technologies and gadget advancements that you can expect in 2020. 

Easier To Use Dating Apps

Using existing dating apps is very easy. You just need to set-up your profile and look for possible matches. But the future technologies of dating apps can begin allowing even the most technology-challenged individuals to navigate the apps with ease. You can expect to see more advanced features in online dating apps like built-in messaging if you want to get to know more about the person before your first date. 
Another prediction includes the ability of the app to allow intuitive browsing to help you look for a match faster. In addition, online dating sites can start helping you create the best online dating profile information to attract more people. This way, you can  avoid the possibility of outright rejection and increase your chances of a better match.

Hologram Dating Options 

A recent report revealed that a Japan-based company known as Gateaux developed a tiny pocket-sized hologram dubbed as Azuma Hikari. The idea behind it is uncommon, but it can also provide several benefits for anyone who wants to find love through matching sites. It will allow the couples to have a real-life live first date even if they are miles apart.  

Smarter Matching Machines

While some online daters get disappointed after being matched with people who are far from their personalities, the future looks bright for these sites. Most app users who experience being set up with other people are usually disappointed because of mismatch. Because of these, you may expect to find more dating apps that have improved and smarter algorithms to provide their subscribers with a better match. 
Ultimately, the person looking for a new match can now expect to meet someone who shares similar characteristics with the other one. It can be achieved by letting their users sign up some questionnaires and then match the answers to the other person. 
These are just some of the most anticipated technologies in online dating apps. Most of these may already be part of an existing app, yet more features are rapidly growing to cater to the match-searching millennials. 
Tech Digest Correspondent