Five types of people to avoid when online dating, as told by

Share has come to the rescue with finding love online, and has created a list of the five types of online daters you simply must avoid. Did you know over 40% of single Americans find love online? Pretty impressive stuff.

Within those 40 million single Americans must be an awful lot of lying scumbags, as the five types of daters they’ve encouraged readers to watch out for are liars, photo fakes, fixer-uppers, membership fishers and cheaters. They back the tips up with some amazing statistics like 52% of men lie about their height, and only 39% of women feel the need to give or take a few inches.

I must say though, perhaps US-based online daters are a world apart from our own onliners here in the UK. A fair few Shiny girls (myself included) have tried some of them out in the past, and none have been particularly that bad – in fact, some of them rather good. Luckily I’ve never had too many problems with men changing details about their age, appearance etc, and certainly never had to encounter a problem quite like Richard D. James (Aphex Twin), on the left, there.

Romance Tale dating site review’s guide to online dating

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