Kwik-Fit mechanic's loud music = illegal performance = £200,000 fine


KwikFit.JPGYou couldn’t make it up. This country. And so on.

The Performing Rights Society – the body that collects royalties each time a song is played on TV or the radio – has, literally, gone totally berserk and launched a copyright infringement case against car repair outfit Kwik-Fit – because mechanics consistently play music too loudly.

The PRS, which clearly isn’t really that busy, says it’s logged 250 incidents of Kwik-Fit employees playing their radios too loud since 2005. Incredibly, the PRS reckons that because the music can be heard by others this counts as a public performance – which requires a license costing around £30,000 a year.

The PRS is seeking a massive £200,000 in compensation for this, so you might want to turn down your headphones a bit on the way home tonight, lest you be made an example of.

(Via Ars technica)

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