eBay launches social-networking site, eBay Neighborhoods, about two years too late

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eBay aren’t making any money from Skype these days, so have obviously had a few long nights sitting at the drawing board, thinking of new ways to conjure cash out of thin air. And what have they come up? Yet another social networking site. Zzzzzzzz…

eBay Neighborhoods features around 600 online communities, for people passionate about buying and selling specific products on the auction site. There’s message boards, product reviews, photos and social mapping, allowing eBay users the chance to bond over their favourite products, whether that be beanie babies or cheese knives.

I had a quick whirl around the site, and admittedly, it’s got a lot of work ahead of it. Understandably it’s a new social networking site, but it took 14 different search entries before I found a group of people sharing my interests. Nintendo was the lucky search entry, with only five groups, dedicated to ‘video games’, ‘Wii’, ‘Nintendo’, ‘DS’, and ‘GameCube’. When I clicked on the generic ‘Nintendo’ group, I found just two threads on the message board, about two dozen photos, and only nine members.

It’s very slick and easy to use, but just needs a larger community behind the site until I’d ever consider using it. Given that it only launched yesterday however, it’s all about baby steps, baby steps.

eBay Neighbourhoods (via DMW)

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