eBay overpaid for Skype (says Skype founder as he's flying his personal jet)


skype-box.jpgeBay may have acquired Skype in October of 2005, but it’s taken several years for stories to emerge that the $4.3 billion they paid for the VoIP company may’ve been a little too high.

And you’ll never guess who admitted to it – Niklas Zennstrom, co-founder of Skype. That’s it, Niklas, gloat two years later, once you’ve banked all the cash, atta boy. Apparently eBay feel they haven’t earned quite as much as they would’ve liked from the acquisition, and recently trimmed close to $1.2 billion off the purchase price after they earned just $90 million during the second quarter of 2007. Perhaps it’s time for expenses such as private jets and company cars to be curbed, eh eBay?

Skype (via Wired)

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Katherine Hannaford
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