eBay protects their Skype-ownage and removes JAJAH VoIP widgets from listings

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jajah-logo.jpgIt looks like eBay has finally cottoned on and realised that because they now own the VoIP service Skype, allowing sellers to link to a rival VoIP provider in their auctions, JAJAH, probably isn’t the smartest thing they can do if they want to make money from their acquisition.

eBay has just suspended sellers’ rights to use the JAJAH widget in their auctions, and sent out an email to all relevant sellers stating “The listing was removed because it violated the eBay Inappropriate Links policy … links or other connections to live chat systems are not permitted.”

JAJAH, understandably so, got their knickers in a knot over eBay’s sudden change of heart, with co-founder Roman Scharf complaining that “We were seeing great excitement for JAJAH buttons on eBay and we are disappointed that some of our user’s listings are now being removed. We are currently seeking to get clarification from eBay.” Let’s hope something can be resolved between the two companies, as the JAJAH widget provides buyers the chance to speak to sellers over VoIP about the relevant auction. Hey, you’ve got to find out whether your rare 18″ Care Bear has any loose stitching somehow.

(via Pocket-Lint)

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