Tariam BGAN – mobile office via satellite anywhere in the world


Satellite communication might not be a priority as you sit comfortably in your city office building, but if you happen to be in one of the more isolated parts of the world, it’s pretty much essential. Using the Tariam BGAN (Broadband Global Area Network) allows you to set up an office just about anywhere in the world in just minutes.

BGAN covers 85% of the world’s landmass, and 98% of the world’s population, with broadband available anywhere in this area, not just in airports and business locations. And it’s easy to set up – just hook up your PC and phone to the small BGAN terminal (small enough to fit into a laptop bag) and you are away. You can access data applications at speeds of up to half a megabit and make a phone call at the same time, with prices starting at £2 per MB, depending on your connection speed.

Prices for the terminal start at around £1,000.

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Dave Walker
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