Jajah Mobile Web – VoIP calling through the browser of your smartphone


Jajah is no stranger to the pages of Tech Digest. If you missed our previous coverage, it’s a VoIP service that requires you just to register online. After that, enter both your number and the number you intend to call and you get cheap/free VoIP calls. Well, the system has evolved once more with the launch of Jajah Mobile Web.

Jajah Mobile Web allows you to make cheap voice over IP calls straight from the browser on your smartphone to anywhere in the world – no downloads, installations, new equipment or contracts. And just to be topical, Jajah says you can even use it on the Apple iPhone.

Using the mobile web page, you can choose which number you want to call from, such as home, mobile, work, or even the hotel room, then enter the number you wish to call. Your phone will then ring and you’re automatically connected. And you’re talking on a normal phone at a fraction of the cost.

“With Jajah Mobile Web we will revolutionise international mobile calling by making it fast, easy and most importantly, very low cost,” said Daniel Mattes, Jajah’s co-founder. “With 1-Click shopping Amazon changed the online retail market forever. What Amazon did for retail, Jajah will do for international and long-distance telephone calls.”

Bold claims – if you want to try it out visit Jajah Mobile Web.

Dave Walker
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